Al Harlow

Vocals and Guitar


Born in Vancouver BC, Al “Harlow” Hawirko, began leading local Brit Invasion style bands in 1966. A displaced Mod in Vancouver’s psychedelic Retinal Circus scene, he studied the blues greats and moved to London England in the early ’70s. While recording his band “Harlow” in ’77, producer Bruce Fairbairn heard the results, and teamed Al up with ex-Seeds of Time bandmates to complete the PRiSM lineup. Eight albums, two Junos and five years of North American tours later, Al began lecturing in the Capilano University Music Dept. He currently tours PRiSM while gigging and recording locally.

Tad Goddard

Bass, Vocals


Tad Goddard caught the music bug as a young boy, after hearing the bass lines in the Beatles’ “Penny Lane” and the Stones’ “Satisfaction”. He began playing bass and singing in rock bands in the Vancouver area, where his songwriting talents also flourished. He wrote and performed the hit “Flowers in the Concrete” on Annette Ducharme’s album “Bloom” has written ten film scores amidst his songwriting career. 

Live performing remains Tad’s calling; touring with Nick Gilder’s Sweeney Todd saw him meet up with drummer Gary Grace, forming a formidable rhythm section they later brought to Prism. When Al Harlow jammed with Tad in a club gig in 2004, they enthused about a position with Prism. Tad joined the band in 2005; his strong vocals and locked-in bass playing are a key part of the band today. 

As he continues composing for new movie and gaming soundtracks, he reflects, “as a kid I was faced with working on the railroad with CN, or rock’n roll. My choice was obvious.” Gratefully, it’s also obvious to Prism’s audience, too.


Marc Gladstone

Keyboards, Vocals


Marc started his formal training at the age of seven and he was finished his Royal Conservatory training by age fifteen, scoring first class honours throughout.

After cutting his professional teeth with a few cover bands straight out of highschool, he landed the keyboard chair in Doug and the Slugs for the last seven years of that band, until the untimely passing of Doug Bennett.  He then joined Nick Gilder/Sweeney Todd as well as a short stint in the band Toronto.

He is now a highly sought after piano teacher in the Vancouver, BC area, as well as holding the keyboard position in a variety of bands: Google him and find Abandon Paris… Stone Poets… The Jardines… HEAD… stop by and say hi. He’d love to hear from you!

Marc joined Prism in 2010 and is actually a cousin to John Hall (original keyboardist for Prism), and his orchestral keyboard work is a perfect match for the Prism sound.

Gary Grace



Born into a family line of drummers, Gary Grace hails from Southern Ontario, now residing in Vancouver. He started playing at a young age under the guidance of his Father Doug Grace and older brother Danny Grace, furthering his studies under some of the worlds greatest drummers from Montreal, Toronto and New York, including Jim Petersak (Crane School of Music), Jim Chapin, Moe Slutsky, Dom Famularo, Ed Thigpen, and Joe Morello. 

Gary has performed many drum clinics, trading chops onstage with greats such as Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Virgil Donati, Tony Royster, Rodney Holmes and others. Gary has won multi-awards, most recently the 2009 Canadian National Championship for Roland V-Drums where he took first place in the Finals, opening the Montreal Drum Fest. He has recorded and toured with many top Canadian recording acts, devoting many years to Classic Rock band “Prism” where his showcase “On Fire” style of drumming is not to be missed!