Music Express on Prism 2019

Mar 06, 2019

As the calendar moves toward the third decade of the 21st Century, the music industry landscape has assigned to history such terms as "Record Company", "chart position", "A&R and Marketing dept".  Yet some veterans of that era are still frisky enough to be active in today's scene.  That can include not only classic rock bands, but rock journalists & editors. 

Keith Sharp was founder and editor of the Music Express, which rose to become Canada's equivalent of Rolling Stone magazine.  It was so influential, rock stars' managers and marketing departments clamoured to talk with Keith and his writers, ensuring invitations to crucial gala events flowed both ways.  In fact the ME hosted its own awards ceremonies. 

On Feb 23, 2019 Prism headlined a concert at Oshawa's Regent Theartre.  Al Harlow and Keith had a relaxing backstage visit, interview, and general reminiscing of their shared past, happy present and hopeful future of Canadian rock music. 

The ME is thriving online presently, showcasing talent new and old, once again hosting awards.  Here is Keith Sharp and Music Express, alive and well, weighing in on all things Prism on March 5, 2019: