Prism Rocks the Plane 2019

Feb 01, 2019

As we rolled into 2019, Prism rocked the plane en route to a show at Nashville’s Winnipeg Jan 19. 
Kevin Stewart Swain joined on bass and vocals, as stalwart Tad Goddard was pre-booked to a tropical beach in Mexico with wife Tammi on their 30th wedding anniversary. 

Kevin was well-rehearsed for the show, as he and Al Harlow raced to the airport for a 6:AM flight after performing together at an Al Harlow concert at Blue Frog Studios in White Rock  BC. 

The road-worthy axiom, “sleep on the plane” was interrupted however, as they, along with Gary Grace were awakened to a violently lurching, shuddering aircraft, and the horror of passengers screaming in terror.  This is the sort of media coverage a rock band would rather forego. 

Stepping off the plane and into a sold-out show, we turned to Kevin with, “welcome to the Prism story.” 

Looking ahead, Prism sees some prime-time shows including July 12 at the Roxodus event in Ontario with artists Alice Cooper, Nickelback and others.   Looks like a good year.  Hope to see you out there!