Kenny Shields - A Gentle Man

Jul 21, 2017

He was a gentleman and a gentle man.  I recall the first and last times I ever saw Kenny Shields, with so many happy times between, watching and listening to his stunning performances onstage.

In the mid Seventies Streetheart were the upcoming force; their early Vancouver shows at the Body Shop in were riveting, especially due to the cheeky, blonde-haired vocalist in the red & white striped T-shirt. 

Kenny had charisma to burn; no front man could survey his audience with a sparkling smile, and own the whole crowd as Kenny did. 

Then came the Voice:  It was Game-Over.  He had a rock voice equal to the greats of any era.  Everyone knew Kenny & Streetheart were here to stay, a national treasure.  Up to his last performances, he was an elder statesman of the music scene; a first-class act to the end.

That we all became friends over the years spoke to his gentle spirit and generous heart. 

The last time I saw Kenny was in the hotel parking lot at the Laketown Rock Festival at Cowichan Bay, BC on May 21 this year.  He was strolling with his lovely wife Elena; as we commented on the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape, he quietly said how blessed we are. 

God bless & rest this gentleman, this gentle man.