Local Legends, May 22

May 07, 2015

On May 22, 2015 some long-time bandmates and friends will gather for an evening of musical reminiscences to celebrate North Vancouver's "Friday Nite Live" series' centennial show. Prism originals John Hall, Rocket Norton and Al Harlow are joined by alumnus Ab Bryant, noted bassist for the Headpins, Chilliwack, and an early incarnation of Prism.

The grouping is the brainchild of FNL organizers Bill Allman, Shauna Grinke and Alan Marriott. A special venue was chosen for the show, the gymnasium at Argyle Secondary School in North Van, where all the musicians performed in their early days. "This isn't an official 'reunion' of any band, but a romp through music that we played together in different combinations since our early days," muses Harlow. "That will include a Chilliwack tune or two, a few Prism faves, our old Seeds of Time catalogue, a Headpins adaptation, and some early R&B, Brit Invasion and Motown that we cut our teeth on as kids...with onstage stories in between!"

For an evening of Local Legends of Rock on May 22: http://www.fnlnorthvan.com/local-legends-of-rock/

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