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Nov 04, 2010

Whoosh. “What was that?” That was your life going by, mate. This year Prism has been fortunate enough to have a brand-new website, thanks to the great work of Jamie Penner and his team at V3 Mediaworks. And from the moment of its launch my intention has been to communicate to the good people who are interested via this blog. The time flies. Apologies if you’ve been watching this space; it’s a privilege to start the dialogue here:

This morning I received an email from a fan in the US, recommending that Prism in its current form re-record our old songs again. This idea surfaces occasionally, and some well-known bands have done just that, especially if their early vocalists pass on.

I must say I’ve mixed views on doing this; when it came time to record our recent “Big Black Sky” album, insiders listening to its progress in the studio commented that it was all new songs, and we weren’t trying to re-create the old thing, aside from some obvious Prism arrangement trademarks, like the extended “100 Years”.

Truth is, I did make a decision; I didn’t want to go backward, to labour again on songs we wrote decades ago, imitate what once was, or even audition sound-alike singers. I could’ve done that, as some have done, but it wouldn’t seem right. I’d have to hold my nose to re-do what we did long ago. I totally understand the power of nostalgia and life memories music can evoke in us all; there are songs that do that for me, too. But when someone thanks me for keeping the band and memories alive, namely playing the old stuff, I’m grateful for that.  But always add, “and it’s still going; I’m still here. There’s more music to come.” Funnily enough, new music creates new memories for the future, if you let it. Going forward is the only way I can function; the way we did it in the first place.

That said, I know blogs can later be edited into autobiographies; I’m happy to say my book is already done, now in need of editing from the 500-page journal to a manageable 350 or so. I’ll try not to bore you. Now to find the time to do it all… There goes that “whooshing” sound again…

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