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Prism Discography - Songs

Acid Rain - Young and Restless
Across The Border - Big Black Sky
Amelia - Prism
American Music - Young and Restless
Another World - Young and Restless
Armageddon - Armageddon
Bad News (Travels Fast) - Jericho
Big Black Sky - Big Black Sky
Comin' Home - Armageddon
Cover Girl - Best of Prism
Crime Wave - See Forever Eyes
Deception - Young and Restless
Don't Let Him Know - Small Change
Faces on a Train - Jericho
Flyin' - See Forever Eyes
Freewill - Prism
Good to be Back - Jericho
(I'm Only) Half a Man - Jericho
Heart and Soul - Small Change
Hello - See Forever Eyes
Hideaway - Young and Restless
Hole in Paradise - Small Change
Hundred Years - Big Black Sky
I Ain't Lookin' Anymore - Prism
In the Jailhouse Now - Small Change
It's Over - Prism
Jealousy - Armageddon
Jericho - Jericho
Julie - Prism
Just Like Me - See Forever Eyes
Last Time - Big Black Sky
Lonely Town - Jericho
Mirror Man - Armageddon
Nervous Breakdown - Big Black Sky
N-N-N-No! - See Forever Eyes
Nickels and Dimes - See Forever Eyes
Night to Remember - Armageddon
One Woman's Hero - Big Black Sky
Open Soul Surgery - Prism
Out of My Head - Jericho
Party Line - Young and Restless
Rain - Small Change
Rock Finale - Big Black Sky
Rock Overture - Big Black Sky
Runnin' for Cover - Young and Restless
Satellite - Young and Restless
Say You Want Me - Big Black Sky
See Forever Eyes - See Forever Eyes
Spaceship Superstar - Prism
Speed of Light - Jericho
Stand Up for Love - Jericho
Stay - Small Change
Take It or Leave It - Armageddon
Take Me Away - See Forever Eyes
Take Me to the Kaptin - Prism
Tangiers - Big Black Sky
The Rock - Big Black Sky
The Visitor - Young and Restless
(Who Put Those) Things in Your Head - Jericho
Trouble - Jericho
Try Me - Big Black Sky
Turn on Your Radar - Small Change
Virginia - Armageddon
Vladivostok - Prism
Way of the World - Jericho
When Love Goes Wrong - Small Change
When Will I See You Again - Small Change
Wings of Love - Small Change
Ya Bother Me - Big Black Sky
You Walked Away Again - Armageddon
You're Like the Wind - See Forever Eyes
You're My Reason - See Forever Eyes
Young and Restless - Young and Restless