Rockin' Night in Canada

Oct 09, 2014

It was a great show.  Bill Henderson of Chilliwack, Barney Bentall, Lee Aaron, Darby Mills, The Odds' Craig Northey and Doug Elliott, Spirit of the West's John Mann & Vince Ditrich, Neil Osborne & Dave Genn of 54-40 and yours truly Al Harlow, all on one stage, performing with one kickin' band, Dr Strangelove.  "Rockin' Night in Canada" was a Greatest Hits fest, and it happened one night, Sept 20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, sponsored by the Young Presidents/WPO and Spark, produced by VanHattan Entertainment's Kelly Brock. 

Each vocalist rocked out their best-known songs, with a finale of everyone together, taking it home on Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World".  It was world-class, like New Year's Eve in Times Square.  The explosive show was matched by the good times backstage, all among friends.

Rumour has it the show might be staged again.  I'll be there; hopefully you, too.  Photos are available here!


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