That Was the Summer of '14

Sep 08, 2014

Prism had a great summer tour season in 2014; having started off the year in a frozen New York State Niagara Falls, it was good to play outdoor concerts and festivals again.  Aside from cheering crowds and having the band let loose, a real standout for me is the genuine comraderie and friendship among Canadian bands on the package billings.  Old friends such as the Headpins guarantee a long evening of backstage socializing after the show, and it was a delight to team up with Bill and the Chilliwack guys again in August. 

Our Ontario show with Loverboy was special; they are all such gents & generous in making all involved comfortable. There was once-upon-a-cross-country tour with a brand-new Loverboy opening for Prism before Loverboy broke wide open globally.  The fact Mike Reno mentions this today shows a graciousness not often seen in this business, as well as confidence in the band's well-deserved position in the hall of fame. 

Sharing the stage with old comrades Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd and Streetheart was another delightful evening; we're all hoping to see Kenny Shields getting well and returning to the deck as soon as possible. 

A night out with George and the Harlequin lads is good company as always; upcoming shows with Helix and New Year's Eve onstage with Honeymoon Suite is something we look forward to. 

Having performed everywhere from the US through England, I can say there is a genuine feeling among Canadian bands that we're all in this thing together.  That is unique, and very special

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