Solo Concerts

Sep 18, 2012

Aside from Prism playing the PNE concert stage in Vancouver Sept 1 (home-town gigs are so wrought with pressure; it's easier to play to thousands of strangers than to your friends and your Mom!), September 2012 featured another landmark for this practitioner.  On Sept 14th and 15th I performed two solo acoustic shows in Victoria BC; the House Concert B series, hosted by Andrew Briggs, and an outdoor benefit "Rockin' the Bike Fest", a fundraiser for AC-BC, where underpriviledged kids learn skills by building very cool bicycles resembling choppers. The results of their labours on display was as impressive as the smiles on the kids' faces.  John Mann of Spirit of the West was on the billing, among others; a delightful day in the sun, riding into the venue in Bob's vintage big-block orange Camaro included. 

This picker-singer had his hands full, as I'm usually accompanied by a band with plenty of electricity.  It became an occasion to pull out an 1890 mandolin and '55 Carvin lap steel, courtesy of Dave Sutherland, along with other unusual instruments.  One extended solo at the House Concert, where the audience proved their groove on percussion instruments, clocked at eighteen minutes.  The set was five hours long, no breaks.  If some sort of record was set, I think I hurt myself.  I certainly wasn't considering I had to play again the next day.  Something special happened that weekend; I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Back to the smiles on the kids' faces...

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