New Projects

Sep 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone who attended Prism shows this summer - from Halifax to Vancouver with all stops in between, it seemed a blur of airports, hotels and most importantly, concert stages & meet 'n greets.  The band rocked, and I know it's hard for the guys to come off a tour season like that and disperse to other gigs.

Now to other projects on the to-do list: Boxes of old studio tapes await re-mastering to form the archival pre-Prism Harlow album "Before the Beginning", with my wife Leah's gospel album nearing completion, plus recent Prism concert recordings for a new live album, and unreleased vintage Prism demos & out-takes for for a collector's album.  

Also in my archives, a recently discovered incredible recording of the late Long John Baldry, when I hired him to guest-lecture my Music History series at Capilano University in 1989.  He delivered a spoken-word concert and acoustic unplugged performance that deserves to become an album, the sooner the better.  

And thanks to everyone this summer who prodded me to hurry up and get the book out. "Flying" is now due in 2013.  I got distracted writing a documentary script on the technological history of music this year.  The plan now is to turn that into a book in 2014.

Before we forget: Prism goes into rehearsal this Fall as we revamp the show.  A medley of many of the radio singles we seldom play is in the works, plus some rare album cuts to dust off and rock out on.  See you this winter? 

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