Summer Touring

Aug 01, 2012

For classic rock bands in Canada summer means high-season touring.  In the past weeks Prism has played outdoor concerts with Boston, Reo Speedwagon, Romantics, Lee Aaron plus others, and the summer's only half-done.  Gone are the days of doing ten shows in a blitz before flying home to repack the suitcase for the next marathon.  These days a quick glance at most bands' tour schedules reflect the trend of the two-day run, then off, then repeat. 

It's a sign of the modern economy - the middle dropped out, meaning the mid-week routing dates between the big shows are history.  We now hit the big gigs, go home and await next week's equivalent.  Warming-up for the big stages is done at sound-check, not last night in Estevan. Ya gotta hit the deck at full revs, a fun challenge. 

From Halifax to headlining Vancouver's PNE Sept 1, we hope you can catch a show.  We're feeling good about the energy level and shape the band is in, revving up for the next one.  See you out there...

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